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Academy Student
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Server? off

em Sex Maio 18, 2018 10:13 am
When start server ?? Info ///?
Academy Student
Academy Student
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Re: Server? off

em Sex Maio 18, 2018 11:11 am
Lisu, the server is only closed to player until the resolution of a bug. More information below.

Translation of the post on facebook page:

Good night, I warn you that the server will be closed until a BUG is resolved, some players have abused it, cloned items, I am removing the items, there are more than 10 chars already in the list to be deleted, it will take a while to clean it of these items, I have the log of all trades on the server.

OBS: The server does not come back today, and has no fixed time to come back tomorrow, because I have classes tomorrow.
OBS2: Anyone who wants to help solve and know the bug just send a message here on the page, the server will come back faster, and maybe have some reward.
OBS3: If it does not have collaboration, the server only comes back when I solve this error, I apologize, but for now that's it.

Status Server: Closed.
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