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Daily Dungeon

em Seg Maio 14, 2018 10:26 pm

How to go?

First, Search for npc Noya:
Speak With Noya:
Say: Hi
Noya: Hello Heineken, are you ready for the dungeon?
Say: Dungeon

After do that you go LEFT <<<

Now Get the "dungeon ankh" (You MUST NOT lose this item, every time you go dungeon take with you, it will be necessary to receive the reward)

Dungeon Room

Dungeon 1 -> Minimum Required:150
Dungeon 2 -> Minimum Required:200
Dungeon 3 -> Minimum Required:250
Dungeon 4 -> Minimum Required:300

AFTER KILLING THE BOSS OF THE DUNGEON YOU MUST USE THE "DUNGEON ANKH" ON THE BODY, doing this message will appear "Congratulations, take your prize on the reward room.", Go to tp, on entering it will be redirected to the chest room (Only the experience will be received, to take the item you must go to "Reward Room", located in 1th floor of Hospital, near to event's tp.

To do the dungeon again you must wait 20 hours. Following up the "!dungeon" command in default channel, you can see you much time is left to do it again.

Know let's go to trades. To trade dungeon tokens for item you go to npc Neya.
Say "Prices" to see which item you can trade.
Say "Buy" to trade the tokens for item.

Any doubt? Use the Help Channel to more information
Good Luck

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